Our services

EMISZ Kft. designs and implements building energetics systems and energy producing systems based on renewable energy sources.

Activity covers the:

  • evaluation and advising on the spot,
  • technical engineering,
  • compilation of the report to the Electricity Company,
  • help with acquiring the necessary permits, if need be,
  • preparing and submitting grant proposals for national and EU funds,
  • full-scale energy efficient renovation of existing buildings,
  • full implementation of building projects, even in passive house quality,
  • system monitoring and maintenance,
  • advising concerning renewable energy sources and energy efficiency,
  • retrofit insulation of existing buildings against moisture.

Each and every system is designed individually, taking the local conditions into consideration.

Technical engineering and design

Engineering and design includes the following: evaluation of present conditions; design and selection of the appropriate energy producing devices, selection of the appropriate inverters and other accessories in order to reach the maximum capacity efficiency; architectural, electrical and mechanical planning, including the statics report (calculations of endurance against winds and snow load); compiling construction plans and permit applications in order to ensure problem-free construction phase.

System monitoring

On demand, systems generating electricity from renewable sources can be complemented with a monitoring system. In this case, we can monitor, analyze and amend (with regard to special local conditions) the most important parameters of the system, such as output capacity, efficiency, actual and cumulated energy input, etc., through the internet. If this monitoring system is implemented, we only need a login name and a password.

Retrofit insulation of buildings against moisture.

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