About Renewable Energy Sources

The global energy consumption of the world is increasing every year. Meanwhile, the fossil energy sources available in nature are finite. It means that utilizing alternative energy sources is inevitable in medium and long-term in order to cover the energy needs of the world. Besides, sustainable development demands the protection of our environment. The protection of our natural resources has become a great problem in recent years. Photovoltaic systems are one of the most promising alternatives to burning fossil fuels. Solar energy can provide electricity at any part of our globe, if the necessary amount of surface area is avaliable, either on the roof or on the ground. Solar plants operate without any noise or toxic emissions. They don't have any moving, abrasing parts, unlike wind or water plants. The new generation crystalline silicon or thin-film modules have very long lifetime, they need practically no maintenance and their capacity is warranted by the producers for decades.

The most up-to-date solar plants have even higher capacity than diesel generators. In addition, they don't burn fossil fuels and they don't emit carbon dioxide or any other toxic material.

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