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The question of energy gains more and more significance in our age. It is true not only on the global or the national level but in the life of everyday people as well. We become increasingly conscious decision-makers in questions regarding our energy consumption, and we know that it is important how much energy we use and what source it comes from. We are aware of the fact that the future of our environment depends largely on our decisions in the present. And last but not least, it also matters financially whether our life is based on fossil energy sources or we look for renewable, environment-friendly solutions.

Our company designs new buildings as well as renovate existing ones in a way that the energy consumption of these buildings is reduced, and as much of the energy comes from renewable sources as it is possible. The philosophy of our company is that a solution is good only if it is beneficial for the whole community as well as for the individual. We want to play an active part in spreading this knowledge widely. The owners of the company are Hungarian private entrepreneurs with a professional calling and we feel responsibility for our environment and for the importance of widening the use of renewable energy sources. The company was founded in 1998 to make real estate investments and property management. Our biggest project so far has been the construction of an office building with the gross floorspace of 36 000 sq. m. The attention of the owners and the employees of the company turned gradually towards alternative energy sources and cost and energy efficient investments, the change urged by their commitment to sustainable development and by their passionate interest in technological innovations. During our career as investors, we have learned that the smallest amount of money does matter, and we handle the investments of our clients and manage the properties under our care in the same spirit. We have learned that a well thought-out design and the quality of the implementation largely influences the running costs of the property later. We are interested in long-term business relationships. According to our experiences in the past, the savings of our clients always exceeded our consulting fees by some order of magnitude. Our company designs and implements intelligent energy-saving and managing systems on several different levels. During our work we rely both on the most up-to-date computerized design methods and our previous experiences on the field of energy efficiency. The implementation of systems using alternative, “green” energy resources benefits the infrastructural and logistic management of private companies and local authorities who possess a considerably large real estate portfolio or large value of fixed assets. It also helps to plan the costs and the maintenance processes, and may bring a dramatic drop in maintenance costs.

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Our services

Activity covers the:

  • evaluation and advising on the spot,
  • technical engineering,
  • compilation of the report to the Electricity Company,
  • help with acquiring the necessary permits, if need be,
  • preparing and submitting grant proposals for national and EU funds,
  • full-scale energy efficient renovation of existing buildings,
  • full implementation of building projects, even in passive house quality,
  • system monitoring and maintenance,
  • advising concerning renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

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